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Created in 2018 by Tomas Darcyl, Ricardo Costianovsky and Bruce Boren, we are a content production company dedicated to the Spanish-speaking market for broadcast in several media such as film, television, SVOD, TV and other digital platforms. In our portfolio we have films with great commercial appeal such as “10 Days without Mom” and “Powder”, with which a record of 11 nominations at the “Ariel” Awards was achieved up to that moment.

In 2022 we successfully launched our sitcom “NINIS” on streaming and we also premiered on SVOD the film production “Poor rich family, when luck run$ out”, a fun family comedy.


In 2023 we streamed our acclaimed film "Powder", and launched the romantic comedy "Valentino, be your own hero or villain".


We are currently working with Grupo Chespirito on multimedia content, inspired by the creative universe of Roberto Gómez Bolaños, beginning with the Bioseries of its unforgettable creator.

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