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Bruce Boren from THR3 MEDIA GROUP: "Making a series about an iconic character like El Santo is a challenge"

The son of the famous Santo and protagonist of “Santo, The Silver Masked Man” was at Natpe to talk about the series, the first to be produced by THR3 MEDIA GROUP, the new Studio of Bruce Boren, Tomas Darcyl and Ricardo Costianovsky, the latter two from Telefilms. Boren commented that El Santo is an iconic character for the Mexican people and that is why it is a challenge to make a series about him. For his part, the son of El Santo, who is shown with a mask on his face and is not known the face, said he was very enthusiastic about this project and believes that all generations will like it, even those who did not know his father.

He added that he will reveal his father as he was in and out of the ring and that it is a pride and honor to play that role. Tomas Darcyl, president of Telefilms, commented that having Hollywood films and producing both film and television is the perfect combination to position themselves in such a changing market and that is why they will continue to invest. They are currently working on pre-production to start filming in 2018.

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