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Volveralinicio PFR

Poor Rich Family,
When Luck Run$ Out

Movie | Comedy  | 89 minutes | 2022

Cast: Victor Huggo Martín,

Mónica Huarte,

Cristián de la Fuente and

Silvia Navarro. 

Director: Gerardo Morán Castellot.

Producers: Daniel Birman Ripstein, Dmitry Kaplun, Gerardo Morán Castellot

and Tania Benítez Sánchez.
Based on the movie: Ate que a sorte nos separe.
Adapted script: Patricio Saiz Valenzuela and Silvia Pasternac.


What would you do if you won millions? The life of Tino, a struggling gym trainer, changes radically when he wins the lottery. After fifteen years of leading a life full of carefree luxury, he and his family end up running out of money.


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