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Be Your Own Hero Or Villain

Movie | Romantic Comedy | 94 minutes | 2022

Director: Alfonso Pineda Ulloa & Alejandro Ricaño.

Producers : Inna Payán, Luis Salinas, Tania Benítez Sánchez and Fernanda Figueroa.
Script: Alfonso Pineda, Camila Soto, Tania Teresita Tinajero, Juan Manuel Ávila, Alejandro Ricaño.

Cast: David Chocarro, Dulce María,

Mauricio Argüelles, Minnie West and

Claudia Ramírez


The life of Gonzalo, a former soap opera superstar, gets complicated when his demons appear as an alter ego named Valentino. Gonzalo must try to get the role of his career in a new TV series of a famous producer who is about to celebrate his wedding with Carmen, a cardiologist who steals Gonzalo's heart. What no one expects is that Valentino will make constant appearances and ruin everything.


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