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Season 1 | 10 episodes | 30 minutes

Series | Sitcom | 2022

Director : Chava Cartas 

Producers : Luis Vizcaíno, Michelle Vizcaíno, Michel Limón, Tania Benítez Sánchez.
Script: David Barraza, Carlos Marin, Daniela Moyes, Alberto Cortés, Fernando Garcilita and Vanessa Varela.

Cast: Jesús Zavala,

Natalia Téllez, Oka Giner,

Gonzalo Vega Jr.,

Ruy Senderos.

NINIS is a comedy about five twentysomethings and their attempt to get ahead in a race against the clock to adulthood. It recounts the misfortunes of Morales, Rebeca, Rodri, Vale and Chesca, a group of friends trying to live well, but looking for the easiest way to achieve it. 


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