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10 Days Without Mom

Movie | Comedy  | 91 minutes | 2019

Cast: Martín Altomaro, Andrea Legarreta, Nina Rubín, Jorge Poza .

Director: Fernando Sariñana.

Producers: Francisco Cordero, Marco Forte, Eamon O'Farrill, Mónica Lozano, Tania Benítez Sánchez.
Adapted Script: Fernando Sariñana (based in the film "MAMÁ SE FUE DE VIAJE").


After many years of marriage, Cassandra decides to take a vacation alone, leaving Gabo in charge of their 4 children for 10 days, just at the moment when he is about to get a promotion at his job. The chaos generated by his inexperience at home makes him value the impeccable mother and wife who accompanies him. His family after that won't be the same.

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